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 The  Artists:       Leon Faber,       Kathryn Luus,       Lynette Wittstock,       Dr Ashleigh McKenzie  

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  Leon Faber

Leon’s love is first & foremost elephants, then wildlife - but on request he also depicts coastal scenes, boats, flowers, etc.

Every art work has a specific frame to compliment the overall visual effect. The frames are handcrafted from selected materials such as wood & steel. The frames can have a built-in-light to further enhance the visual effect. Leon normally works with pastel & other pencil mediums to produce life-like qualities to his art.

  Alternative & commercial  frames

We manufacture ‘alternative frames’ to compliment the overall visual effect of our paintings or other art work. These frames are handcrafted from a variety of wood, reclaimed wood or a combination of steel, wood or leather. We specialize in box frames & frames with ‘built-in-lighting’. Our gallery also make use of commercial frames to frame artwork.

  Kathryn  Luus

“I preferably & mostly work with oil paint, occasionally acrylic, & enjoy working with medium to build up & add texture to the paintings which help give character. I have been thankful to find that people who have bought my paintings have often found they discover a deeper meaning & a personal message which has added to my love for painting. I accept commissions to paint.” - Kathryn

  Lynette Wittstock

Lynette was born & raised in Zimbabwe, but immigrated to South Africa with her family in the 1980’s. Her love for Africa, culture, nature & animals is reflected in her art. She works with mixed media & often incorporates recycled & natural materials into her art. On request Lynette will also accept commissions.

 Dr. Ashleigh  McKenzie

Ashleigh is a veterinary surgeon with a passion for art. She experiments with all forms of art but prefers pencil sketches & occasionally acrylic paint. She is determined to spread the message of God’s love through her talent &  highlight His wonderful creations, thus always depicting nature & animals. She likes to add a touch of reality in her work - a feather, shells, bark, petals, etc to compliment her work.

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